Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ace Double Reviews on this blog

Over time, I have made this blog a host for a number of reviews of Ace Doubles. These have long been an interest of mine. Starting about 15 years ago I did quite a few reviews of Ace Doubles on the great old Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written, and I put these on my old personal website. Alas, that website was hosted by, which closed down early this year, and I haven't got a new website yet. So in the interim I have resurrected some of those old reviews here, as well as adding several new reviews.

I still really like to look at and read the old Doubles. They were almost always a bit declasse in reputation, though some truly excellent novels and novellas were either reprinted in Ace Double editions, or first appeared as Ace Doubles. A great many of SFWA's Grand Masters had books printed as Ace Doubles, often early books (such as several of Samuel Delany's and Ursula K. Le Guin's early novels) that helped get their careers going. Ace Doubles are most remembered in the Science Fiction Field, but there were also Westerns and Mysteries and even some general fiction Ace Doubles. The format debuted in 1953, and the last true Ace Doubles appeared in 1973.

Here are those that have appeared at this blog, 39 so far (out of something more than 100 I've done to date):

The Green Queen, by Margaret St. Clair/Three Thousand Years, by Thomas Calvert McClary;

Maigret Has Scruples/Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses, by Georges Simenon;

Times Without Number, by John Brunner/Destiny's Orbit, by David Grinnell;

Bow Down to Nul, by Brian W. Aldiss/The Dark Destroyers, by Manly Wade Wellman;

Ring Around the Sun, by Clifford D. Simak/Cosmic Manhunt, by L. Sprague de Camp;

Stepsons of Terra, by Robert Silverberg/A Man Called Destiny, by Lan Wright;

Space Captain, by Murray Leinster/The Mad Metropolis, by Philip E. High;

The Paradox Men, by Charles Harness/Dome Around America, by Jack Williamson;

Big Planet, by Jack Vance/Slaves of the Klau, by Jack Vance;

The HEROD Men, by Nick Kamin/Dark Planet, by John Rackham;

Sea Siege, by Andre Norton/Eye of the Monster, by Andre Norton;

Threshold of Eternity, by John Brunner/The War of Two Worlds, by Poul Anderson;

Time Thieves, by Dean R. Koontz/Against Arcturus, by Susan K. Putney;

Alien Sea, by John Rackham/C.O.D. Mars, by E. C. Tubb;

The Sun Smasher, by Edmond Hamilton/Starhaven, by "Ivar Jorgenson" (Robert Silverberg);

The Prism, by Emil Petaja/Crown of Infinity, by John M. Faucette;

Who Speaks of Conquest?, by Lan Wright/The Earth in Peril, edited by Donald Wollheim;

The Rebellious Stars, by Isaac Asimov/An Earth Gone Mad, by Roger Dee;

The Man With Nine Lives, by Harlan Ellison/A Touch of Infinity, by Harlan Ellison;

200 Years to Christmas, by J. T. McIntosh/Rebels of the Red Planet, by Charles L. Fontenay;

Mask of Chaos, by John Jakes/The Star Virus, by Barrington J. Bayley;

The Ultimate Weapon, by John W. Campbell/The Planeteers, by John W. Campbell;

Empire of the Atom, by A. E. Van Vogt/Space Station #1, by Frank Belknap Long;

The Genetic General, by Gordon R. Dickson/Time to Teleport, by Gordon R. Dickson;

Sanctuary in the Sky, by John Brunner/The Secret Martians, by Jack Sharkey;

The Games of Neith, by Margaret St. Clair/The Earth Gods are Coming, by Kenneth Bulmer;

Falcons of Narabedla, by Marion Zimmer Bradley/The Dark Intruder, by Marion Zimmer Bradley;

Our Man in Space, by Bruce W. Ronald/Ultimatum in 2050 A. D., by Jack Sharkey;

Rocannon's World, by Ursula K. Le Guin/The Kar-Chee Reign, by Avram Davidson;

Conan the Conqueror, by Robert E. Howard/The Sword of Rhiannon, by Leigh Brackett;

The Plot Against Earth, by "Calvin M. Knox" (Robert Silverberg)/Recruit for Andromeda, by Milton Lesser;

Warlord of Kor, by Terry Carr/The Star Wasps, by Robert Moore Williams;

The Sun Saboteurs, by Damon Knight/The Light of Lilith, by G. MacDonald Wallis;

The Seed of Earth, by Robert Silverberg/Next Stop the Stars, by Robert Silverberg;

Message from the Eocene, by Margaret St. Clair/Three Worlds of Futurity, by Margaret St. Clair;

Wandl the Invader, by Ray Cummings/I Speak for Earth, by "Keith Woodcott" (John Brunner);

Clash of Star-Kings, by Avram Davidson/Danger from Vega, by John Rackham;

Empire Star, by Samuel R. Delany/The Tree Lord of Imeten, by Tom Purdom;

The Blank Wall, by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding/The Girl Who Had to Die, by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding;

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